Ocean Freight Transport

Is the most effective way of transportation of large quantity of goods in long intercontinental shipment. Therefore, we are involved in FLC/LCL/RORO/Dry Bulk/Break Bulk by means of carrier ships from any port of China directly to Durres.

Air Freight Transport

The fastest and most reliable way of carrying goods.

Land Transport

Door-to-door delivery completes the full circle of delivering the good to our customers and partners in business.

Rail Freight Transport

A faster way to transport cargo on land from long distances by the usage of railroads and trains.

  • (EXW) Ex-Works: the seller delivers when it places the goods at the disposal of the buyer at the seller’s premises or at another named place (i.e., works, factory, warehouse, etc.). The seller does not need to load goods or clear them for export.
  • FCA) Free Carrier: seller delivers the goods to a carrier or another person nominated by the buyer, at the seller’s premises or another named place.
  • (FOB) Free On Board: liability and ownership of shipped goods are transferred from a seller to the buyer. FOB shows who pays for shipping and when a supplier is no longer financially responsible nor liable for damages to or loss of shipped goods.
  • (CNF) Cost Nett Freight: the supplier of goods is responsible for the freight-related charges. The buyer of the products is responsible for organizing and paying the insurance on the goods.
  • (CIF) Cost Insurance and Freight: The charges paid by a seller to cover the costs, insurance, and freight of a buyer’s order while the cargo is in transit.
  • (DAT) Delivered At Terminal: the Seller delivers the goods to a terminal at destination previously agreed to by the seller and the buyer.
  • (DAP) Delivered At Place: the seller is responsible for delivery of the goods, ready for unloading, at the named place of destination.