Factory Audit

Retailers, importers and buyers all require a high level of confidence in the reliability, quality and production capacity of their vendors and suppliers. We perform an evaluation of the supplier’s factory quality system. This evaluation is done in accordance with the standards set by the client. Our factory audit confirms that the supplier can produce the quantity of the ordered product according to the agreed quality and time specifications.

Social Audit

A social audit is a way of measuring, understanding, reporting and ultimately improving an organization’s social and ethical performance. A social audit helps to narrow gaps between vision/goal and reality, between efficiency and effectiveness. It is a technique to understand, measure, verify, report on and to improve the social performance of the organization.

Price and Payment terms

Price and payment terms are details which are placed at the end of each offer or invoice. They indicate in what terms of transport the payment will be made (EXW, FOB, CIF, etc.). Based on the agreement with the client, payments can be made by T / T, L / C or 100% payment.

Terms & Conditions

“Terms and Conditions” is the document governing the contractual relationship between the provider of a service and its user.The Terms and Conditions therefore, represent the document that helps in dealing with problems or preventing them in the first place.The Terms and Conditions are nothing other than a contract in which the owner clarifies the conditions of use of its service.